Private Sewer Laterals

 Sanitary sewer laterals shall be owned, repaired, maintained, and/or replaced by the owner(s) of each property served at such owner’s sole expense. 

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Transfer of Responsibility Form

SAMPLE Private Sewer Lateral Maintenance Agreement

Private Sewer Lateral Maintenance Agreement


No person shall construct a sanitary sewer lateral or connect to a public sanitary sewer main without first obtaining a written permit from the City and paying all fees and connection charges. 

Testing and Inspections

Testing of Sanitary Sewer Laterals. Upon change of ownership and before close of escrow, any property that includes buildings or structures, connected to a sanitary sewer main, constructed more than twenty-five (25) years before the date of sale and has not had its sanitary sewer lateral inspected within the past twenty-five (25) years shall have the sanitary sewer lateral inspected and certified by a NASSCO certified plumber licensed to do business in the City of Watsonville to be in good working order and free of obstructions and/or breaks. The Director shall establish or approve testing procedures. The City will not assume responsibility for costs of the testing and/or repairs.


Time of Sale rebates are offered up to a total of $1,500 for:

  • Cleanout Repair
  • Connection to Main
  • Spot Repair
  • Full Lateral

After July 1, 2020.

  • Documentation is required for rebates on repair costs.
  • City rebate forms and documentation are due within 30 days after repairs are completed.
  • The total rebate amount must not exceed $1,500.
  • Funds are limited and available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Complete this form to apply for a Sewer Lateral Rebate.

To report a sewer overflow in the  Watsonville City limits

 Call (831) 768-3133. After hours, please call (831) 471-1151.


City of Watsonville Public Works & Utilities Department

Call: (831)768-3100