Continuing the Tradition

KWVI continues as a key Regional General Aviation Airport with a focus on an orderly, flexible, environmentally sensitive expansion and development of the Airport environs. Airport Management is committed to improving safety and service while continuing an economically viable enterprise operation.
Aerial View of Watsonville Municipal Airport

In Conjunction With the Airport's Master Plan the Following Are Objectives for the Watsonville Municipal Airport

Continual Operational Improvements

  • Remedying operational deficiencies by improving the primary runway and reconstruction of supporting taxiways to fully accommodate aircraft
  • Enhancing safety of aircraft operations by identifying and removing objects in the vicinity of the airport that are obstructions as defined by FAA standards
  • Improving operational and safety systems by supporting installation of advanced satellite-based instrument approaches to increase overall safety of landings in all conditions
  • Managing existing space deficiencies by providing for expansion and enhancement of the terminal and hangar facilities, plus providing new and improved access to accommodate current and future facilities

Continued Self-Sufficiency of Enterprise Operation

  • Providing a fiscally responsible financial plan to provide suitable facilities and generate revenues necessary for proper operation, management, and development of the airport
  • Development of complementary light industrial and general commercial uses for affiliates of the airport
  • Continually assess on-airport property development opportunities

Maintaining & Enhancing Natural Resources

  • Ensure all development is consistent with the Airport Master Plan and City General Plan while minimizing adverse effects on the natural physical setting and enhancing wetlands and sensitive habitat areas
  • Development consistent with resource protection regulations administered by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the California Department of Fish and Game, California Coastal Commission and other agencies
  • Protecting and enhancing wetlands and sensitive habitat areas
  • Developing operational procedures that protect, and enhance, wetlands and sensitive habitat areas

Community Support, Outreach & Developing Goodwill

  • Ensure development is consistent with the Master Plan and General Plan while minimizing adverse effects on adjacent land uses, the local community and the region
  • Providing a noise mitigation plan to ensure neighboring properties are not significantly affected by airport-generated noise
  • Developing community outreach programs to build a relationships and confidence between the airport and the community