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English Watsonville Commercial Organics Service Waiver Application

  1. City of Watsonville Commercial Organics Service Waiver Application

    To comply with Senate Bill 1383 in 2022, all commercial businesses and multi-family properties (apartments/condominium with over 5 units) in the City of Watsonville service area are required to subscribe to compost collection services, unless they have an approved waiver. Customers with an approved waiver will not be required to subscribe to compost service for a 5-year period. 
    There are two types of waivers offered for commercial business and multi-family properties: The Minimal Generation Waiver and the Physical Space Waiver. 

    Minimal Generation Waiver Application 

    Minimal generation waivers (De minimis) – for businesses and multi-family properties that generate a minimal amount of compostable/organic waste (food scraps and plant debris) depending on the amount of waste your business or multi-family property generates:  
    Amount of Waste Your Business Generates: Threshold to Quality for a Minimal Generation Waiver: 
    * Less than 2 cubic yards of total weekly service: Generate no more than 10 gallons of compostable/organic waste per week 
    * 2 or more cubic yards of total weekly service:    Generate no more than 20 gallons of compostable/organic waste per week

  2. Requesting De Minimis SB 1383 Wavier for Business
  3. Requesting Physical Space Waiver for Businesses and Multifamily Properties
  4. More Information

    Accounts that do not have recycling and compost/organics collection service through City of Watsonville or another collection/self-haul service, and do not have an approved waiver are subject to enforcement action and fine, effective January 1, 2024.
    If you have questions about the waiver process, please email us at
    NOTE: This is a pre-screening application. You may be asked to provide additional information as a part of the review process. In addition, if you are applying on behalf of multiple properties, list those additional properties in the comments section. 

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