Zoning Map

The City of Watsonville is divided into various commercial and residential zone districts. The zoning code defines which activities or uses are permitted in which zones and provides general development guidelines. For example, the zoning code identifies a single family residence as a permitted use in the R-1 (low density residential) zoning district and specifies setbacks from property lines and the maximum height allowance.

If you are planning to open a commercial business, the zoning code will tell you if your business is permitted in the location and zone you have chosen. A planner can help you determine whether or not your business is allowed in a specific area and whether any proposed changes or additions to the site or building will require additional parking spaces or other types of improvements. If you are planning new development, you will need to work closely with the Community Development Department throughout the development process. Call (831) 768-3050 to speak to a planner for more information.

Zoning map for the City of Watsonville.