Animation Creation Club

Movie Clacker with clay creature and text animation creation club

Know someone that is curious about animation?
Learn how to make and share creative short videos using paper, lego bricks, clay and toys! 

Our Animation Creation Club meets every second Tuesday of the month 4-5pm at our Main Library.

The intended audience for this program is children in grades K-12th. 
Children are welcome to be accompanied by an adult and/or friend.

The library will provide recording video-recording equipment but we would like to encourage children to bring in a smartphone if they have one.

Check Out Some of Our Club Creations

Videos were created using the Stop Motion Studio app. 
Audio is provided by the Stop Motion Studio app. 
Stop Motion Studio® is registered trademark of Cateater, LLC. Copyright © 2010 - 2021 Cateater™ LLC. All rights reserved. 

"Day at the Water Park" by John and Jesse

"WPL Makes Me Happy" by Leo C.

"Snakeland" by Jaelynn H.

"Pencil Dance" by Beth G.

"The Mos Isley Cantina Bandit" by Leonardo

"The Clay Desk" by Leo and Alexis

"PAC Man" by Carson

"Titanic" by Leo F.